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How to choose fingerprint lock & password lock?

This is mainly determined according to your needs and usage, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.


The fingerprint is unique and cannot be copied. Fingerprint locks are more suitable for private use scenarios, such as personal rooms, desks, offices, and the storage or custody of personal belongings. In private use scenarios, it is more convenient than password unlocking. It can be unlocked by touching it with a finger with a single tap, without worrying about forgetting the password and carrying the key.


The disadvantage is that when the fingerprint is worn or watery, it will be more difficult to read the fingerprint, and the price of the fingerprint lock will be higher than other unlocking methods.

The fingerprint module used in the fingerprint lock has a high production cost. It is divided into two types: semiconductor and optical. Due to different materials, fingerprint recognition rates are also very different. The main performance and algorithm are different. A good fingerprint module has a high recognition rate. The situation with a poor fingerprint module is just the opposite.

The password needs to be remembered. If you cannot remember clearly, then I suggest you not to use them. Nowadays, people use too many passwords, and some people will inevitably forget their passwords.


However, this will not affect the widespread use of code locks. It can be used not only for personal use but also very convenient in public places.

For example, for package storage in public places such as gymnasiums, saunas, gymnasiums, schools, locker rooms, etc., when the kerong cabinet lock in the open state, you can find the cabinet where you want to put the items, and then enter the password and set it to confirm, close the cabinet door, and then you can do other things. When you need to retrieve the item, please come back and enter the password you set at the beginning to retrieve the package. The password will also become invalid. Waiting for the next person to use. When anyone needs to use it at any time, as long as the password is set to open mode, it can be provided to more people, or it can be restricted to personal use, or it can be used by remote authorization to set a temporary password. Enter the password through the Kerong APP, which is very convenient for management.


Therefore, if you like personal use and don't care about the high cost, you can choose to use fingerprints to unlock because it is more convenient than a password.

If you want to use not only for personal use, but also for multiple people or use in public places, it is recommended that you choose kerong password cabinet lock, because its powerful function lies in a wide range of usage scenarios and easy-to-manage functions.