Provide Solutions For Smart Parcel Lockers

Locke Accessories

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Power Adapter

  • Connect with power directly, convert 220V-240V power into 12V or 24V then supply power to control board and lock

  • Can offer suitable plug according to customers' requirments

RS485-USB Adaptor

  • Connect with PC, transfer commands from PC to lock control board

Cable for lock to CU.jpg

Cable for lock to CU

  • Connect lock and CU board

  • Support customized connector model and cable length

Omron Micro Switch

  • Adopt tension spring structure, strong anti - stamping ability, action force variety

  • Omron micro detective switch from Japan

  • Long life, high reliability

  • Terminal types are complete

  • AWG24 wires with PVC protecting tube

  • Different lock Switch suit for different locker design,customizing service is available

  • Support customizing wires and connectors

Lock Motor

  • Motor for electric logistics locker lock

Lock Hook

  • There are various kinds of lock hooks for you to choose,you can also customize the other sizes