Bluetooth Lock Or Wi-Fi Lock Which One Do You Choose?

Now that smart homes are becoming more and more common, smart locks have gradually replaced the traditional old locks. Smart locks have many advantages such as no need to carry keys with you, higher security, etc. There are many types of smart locks, like Bluetooth locks, Wi-Fi locks, combination locks, etc. Here we mainly talk about Bluetooth lock and Wi-Fi lock. So bluetooth lock or Wi-Fi lock which one do you choose?

First of all, let's talk about the advantages of smart locks.

  • Keyless Entry: No key is required, you can unlock the door directly by clicking on the key token. Or wirelessly unlock the door as you approach and the smart lock detects your presence!

  • Remote Entry: This fantastic option allows you to lock and unlock your home or business remotely, no matter the distance. It can come in handy if someone forgets their keys and there is a scheduled delivery when you are not at home, or if you are occupied, or to allow employees, babysitters, or other workers to enter your home. Remote entry options allow you to easily unlock your door with the freedom to do it from a long distance.

Bluetooth Smart Locks VS. Wi-Fi Smart Locks