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Contactless Residential Smart Locker Solutions

Parcel locker solutions for condominiums and apartments integrated to your property management system allowing for an entire building seamless solution.

Security for tenants

E-commerce is about to surpass traditional brick & mortar retail purchasing in terms of sales volume, and that means daily parcel deliveries to apartment complexes, condos, and multi-residential units. The installation of designated parcel lockers for apartments and condominiums provides residents with a secure method of retrieving their packages and prevents the damage and theft of items left in mail rooms or lobbies.

Peace of mind for property managers

The surge of parcel deliveries to multi-residential units has created new challenges for building managers. Retrieving, sorting, and delivering parcels to residents not only requires time and manpower, it also leaves property managers liable for damage or theft. In addition, parcels left in hallways, lobbies and vestibules are fire code violations which will lead to fines. Parcel lockers for condos and apartments provide a streamlined process for couriers and delivery services, while reducing liability for owners and administration.

Prevaling electronic lock control system

Electronic lock system is an integral part of self-storage. As a manufacturer of electronic locks with twenty years of experience, KERONG has a comprehensive range of products that can be used with different parcel lockers, whether suitable for indoor or outdoor use, for large, medium or small cabinets, you will find the right electronic lock here.

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