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Everything you need to know about smart locks

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

What is a smart lock?

As technology improves, smart home devices are quickly becoming an integral part of the average people's life.

A smart lock is a key-free replacement for traditional door locks. Once installed, smart locks connect to Bluetooth or your home's wifi network. Simply set your code, download the lock's app and type in the access code on your smartphone when in range.

Benefits of smart locks

Prevent lockouts and increase convenience with smart locks, which allow you to:

  • Use a single smartphone application to control your locks and other smart home devices.

  • Eliminate the need for a physical set of keys.

  • Lock and unlock doors remotely.

Smart locks provide unique access codes, so you can manage and track who enters your home and from which entrance. Pair with a smart doorbell to get more security and functions, such as:

  • Arm and disarm your security system depending on when the doors are locked.

  • Hold a two-way conversation with visitors using an intercom system.

  • Visually verify who is at your door.

  • Receive alerts whenever visitors arrive.

Integrating smart locks into your security system can increase the connectivity between all devices. In order to properly protect your home, please consider using the following methods to program the smart lock:

  • Smartphones: Control smart lock settings from your phone, and receive mobile alerts when something is amiss.

  • Security alarms: Program alarms to sound when smart locks are tampered with.

Potential disadvantages

Although smart locks are a good choice for savvy homeowners, no security mechanism is perfect. It is important to understand that smart locks are tamper-proof, not tamper-proof. Smart locks are a wireless technology, and any wireless technology can be hacked no matter how secure they seem. Your data is encrypted, not invisible.

Connectivity can also be an issue. What if your WIFI is paralyzed? What if your lock loses power? These errors can turn these easy systems into a big headache. If there is no alternative entry method like the garage password, you will be trapped. The physical key, at least, will not be affected by the malfunction.

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