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Why Should I Buy A Smart Lock? Because it can save 1095 minutes!

I don’t know if you noticed. The first thing we do every time we open the file cabinet is to open the door. From finding the key, opening the door, and then closing the door, it takes about one minute. A person opens the door once a day, and it takes two to three minutes a day. At least 1,000 minutes of opening time are wasted a year. What's more, sometimes it is a painful thing to find a key, such as when you are anxious to find a file, or when it is difficult to find a key with something in your hand.

With the development of intelligence, smart locks have also emerged. It adds unlocking methods. On the basis of the original mechanical key unlocking, functions such as fingerprint unlocking, magnetic card unlocking, password unlocking, APP remote sending temporary passwords, periodic passwords, etc. are added, which greatly meets various door opening needs. No longer have to worry about closing the door or not, the problem of the century, the mobile phone APP can remotely check the status of the door lock, and no longer be afraid of file loss.

On the surface, smart locks increase the way of unlocking, but it actually saves us time and cost. The door opening efficiency is very high, the fingerprint unlocking is completed in one second, and the magnetic card swipes the card to open the door easily. Members of a group open the door once a day by themselves, saving 1095 minutes a year. Smart door locks provide security, save time, and keep every second of life under control.

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