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Why should you need a digital lock?

digital lock
digital lock

When you first encounter a smart digital lock, many people may ask this question. Why choose a digital lock?

Let me tell you what the difference is between using a digital lock and a traditional cabinet door lock.

There are two main differences.


Although smart locks are popular, there are still many lockers being used with traditional types of cabinet door locks that use only mechanical keys to unlock the doors. I am sure you all encounter these troubles. Unable to open the locker because the locker key you carry with you is lost. The locker door is opened and valuable personal items inside are stolen because the locker key is stolen.

One of the main reasons for the increased demand for digital or biometric smart locks is the lack of need for mechanical keys! There are various types of digital locks. Most or almost all locks have digital PIN access and are matched with fingerprint or even RFID access to gain entry. And with advances in technology, some digital cabinet door locks also integrate Bluetooth access and use. When we use digital or RFID unlocked cabinet locks, both RFID and PIN access can be used to unlock the lock. What happens if we accidentally lose this RFID? This time we can directly remove from its lock set. Instead of spending more money to replace it with a new set. This is is the benefit of using digital access.

And some digital cabinet door locks come with one-time passwords, garbled unlocking, and other features. So even if someone is next to you when you enter the access code, you don't have to worry about the code being compromised. Therefore, in terms of security, it will pass better compared to normal locking


Probably many times we find it troublesome to find the key, even if it is in your pocket. Some people may also leave their keys in the car or office. By providing different access, digital locks do not require a physical key to unlock the locker door.

Different types of unlocking methods include: fingerprint / RFID (card) / digital PIN / key / Bluetooth / WiFi / 4G

This means that you don't have to worry about not being able to access your personal belongings stored in the locker, even if you leave it without anything in your pocket.


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