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Touchless SPA Lockers Solutions

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Smart Touchless Spa Locker Locks

The Spa lockers are indispensable, providing customers with private clothing storage and safekeeping services. But using the traditional lockers with keys are often frustrating because they present a host of problems. Not only are they unsightly, but guests are prone to lose their keys. And when the locker key was lost, we had to pay a locksmith to unlock it and change the old lock. Sometimes the cost of locksmith is not cheap.

However, touchless spa lockers can avoid these problems.

Because touchless spa lockers use not traditional padlocks, but smart locker locks. It is the smart locker locks that eliminate the problem of lost keys. And you can also customize the smart locker locks according to the style of the locker so that they remain unified with the style of the locker. Smart locker locks are usually able to be managed centrally, which makes it easier to manage the entire sap locker.

Various Unlocking Methods

The smart locker locks have various unlocking methods: RFID, password, fingerprint, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. Different unlocking methods can meet different requirements. With these smart locker locks, the spa lockers can be touchless.

Remote Access Control

When a spa locker is fitted with a remote management controlled Bluetooth lock or WiFi lock, it is possible to open or close the spa locker remotely. At this time guests can manage the lockers remotely using only their own cell phones. This increases guest satisfaction as well as staff efficiency.

So build your touchless spa lockers, equip them with smart locker locks.

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