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Waterproof locker lock
Waterproof locker lock



Waterproof locker lock
Waterproof locker lock

Waterproof Motor Locker Lock

1. Motor/servo-driven, wide working voltage range: 8~24V. Low power consumption

2. IP65. All electronic parts are protected in the sealed ABS box

3. It is recommended that the user's power supply unlocking time is greater than 500ms (uninterrupted).

4. Omron micro detective switch from Japan, high quality, and durability.

5. Outlet port description:1) Terminal (input pin) red wire: positive power supply;

                                        2)Terminal (input pin) black wire: negative power GND;

                                        3)Terminal (input pin) blue wire: lock hook detection signal A terminal,

 this The switch signal can be set by the customer;

                                       4) Terminal (input pin) white wire: the lock hook detection signal B terminal,

this switch signal can also be set by the customer;

6. Mechanical emergency lever can be unlocked manually in case of power failure 

7. AWG24 wires with PVC protecting tube 

8. Support customizing wires and connectors

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Model: KR-S98S


Size: 66*98*13MM

Weight with lock hook: 215g

Material of lock body: Zinc Alloy+ABS

Usage: storage locker; cabinet; logistic locker; vending machine; deposit locker

Door weight: 0.5KG~10KG

Working voltage: DC6V~DC24V

Working current: 0.1A

Maximum power: 2.4W

Manner of working: Independently (Be locked when door is close, unlocked when door is open)

Reaction  time: Less than 20ms

Working temperature: -20℃ ~ +65℃

Working humidity: 10% ~ 90%RH

Working life: 500000 times

Sample: Accepted

OEM: Accepted

Test: Salt spray testing 72 hours

Signal detection/ Travel switch(open/close: Omron (can choose domestic switch)

Certification: CE; ISO9001; RoHS ;IAF


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