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Battery-Free Locking Solutions

Electronic passive locks and NFC passive locks

Battery-Free Locking Solutions

KERONG passive locks no longer need to be wired or battery-powered, but are powered by an electronic key. The principle of operation is that the passive electronic lock has a built-in encryption chip, and when the electronic key is inserted into the passive electronic lock it is first checked for a password, which is passed before the lock can be opened.

Passive electronic lock in the mechanical transmission part of the same as the traditional mechanical lock. The biggest feature of passive electronic lock is that it can realize a key to open multiple locks, and also record the time of opening and closing the lock. Solve the user's management of personnel, equipment, locks, keys.

Passive electronic locks are various, padlock, cabinet door locks, cabinet locks, fire door locks, steel cable locks, can be fully applicable to the use of various industries.

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