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Provide solutions for smart parcel lockers

Express Locker Control Board

1, For network communication. Transfer TCP/IP commands (from PC) to 485 format (to CU).

2, Open developed, you can design software completely as you want.

3, Support networking.

4, Can co-work with computer, pad, Raspberry Pi.

5, Works well on IOS, Windows and Linux.

6, Suit for multiple application: parcel delivery locker, public storage locker etc.

7, High quality modules, working stably.

8, Working temperature: -25℃~65℃.

9, With protect box, anti-dust.

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Product name

Express Locker Control Board





Dimension of protect shell


Substrate material


Material of protect shell


Micro processor module

STM8S103K3T6 QFP32(P0.8mmBS7*7mm)

Connector model

RJ45, 8P8C

Surface treatment


Stand-by power consumption

Lead free tin spraying

DC 12V~24V


Dynamic power consumption

Working temperature

Working life


-25℃ ~ +65℃

500000 times


express locker control board

Computer: With software to manage all parts.

Router: provide Internet.

BU: Basic unit. Used for network communication. And transmit TCP/IP commands (from PC) to 485 format (to CU).

CU48B: control unit. Receive the command from BU/PC and send the command to the lock. Get feedback from the lock and send it to BU/PC.

Infrared strip: infrared sensor (optional). Connect to CU. Check the state of the locker (empty or occupied) and feed it back to the CU. Provide light when lockers are open.

Lock: with latch detection function. Unlock when receiving the command from CU. Send the lock status (locked or not) to the CU.

express locker control board

1:connecting locks, supply power to locks and detect lock’s condition (open/close);

2:connecting lock feedback light; light can be extended to every single locker, to show whether the lock is closed or not. lock open, light turns on, lock close, light turns off.

3:connecting IR and LED light; IR to check is the locker empty or not; LED light to lighting the locker when lock is open.

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