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Provide Solutions For Smart Parcel Lockers

Smart Locker

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Smart Cell Phone Charging Locker

  • Charging Five hole double U.Socket and usb cable are optional.

  • PIN (digital code);Fingerprint;Facel recognition can be added.

  • Charge according to the number of charges./Charge by charging time.

  • Smart card(IC/rfid) electronic system

storage locker.png

Storage Luggage Combination Locker

  • Pin lock steel locker

  • Easy to operate

  • One time password and permanent password available

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Smart Laundry Cabinet

  • HD camera (real-time mornitoring, convenient query)

  • Voice broadcast (real-time reminder for intelligent operation)

  • Scanner (scan code access, convenient quick)

  • Barcode printing (order printing, convenient management)

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