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parcel locker lock

Providing Parcel Locker Solutions

Solenoid Lock

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mini electromagnetic lock

KERONG Mini Electromagnetic Locks for Cabinets

solenoid locker lock

KERONG Waterproof Electromagnetic Locks For Cabinets

electronic magnetic lock

KERONG Kr-s99N 12V Electric Magnetic Cabinet  For Vending Machines

waterproof electromagnetic lock

KERONG Electronic Magnetic Security Sauna Cabinet Refrigerator Lock

small electromagnetic lock

KERONG Small Solenoid Electromagnetic Charging Station Locker Locks

magnetic lock

KERONG Electronic Rotary Latch Magnetic Lock 

hidden magnetic cabinet lock

KERONG 12V Solenoid  Latch Hidden Electronic Vending Machine Lock

electromagnetic cabinet lock

KERONG Electronic Magnetic Storage Locker Lock with Push Door Detection

electronic rotary latch

KERONG Electronic 24V Solenoid Bolt Parcel Locker Lock

12v electromagnetic lock

KERONG 12V Electronic Solenoid Locker Lock

small electric solenoid latch

KERONG Small Electromagnetic Latch for Storage Locker

waterproof locker lock
motor bolt lock

Electromagnetic Lock, Electronic Solenoid Lock, Electric Magnetic Lock

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