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Infrared Sensor For Locker

1. Co-work with CU.

2. Detecting locker is empty or occupied.

3. Supplying light when lock is open.

4. Support customizing dimension and color for various locker designs.

5. Easy installation. With locker design drawings for better reference.

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Model: KR- IR


Definition: Infrared sensor rails

Function: Detect locker is empty or occupied; supply light when locker is open

Material: PCB (Printed Circuit Board)+cold rolled plate

Surface treatment: Painting

Dimension of metal shell: L402*W18*H18mm

Dimension of chip: L300*W13*H12mm

Weight: 290g/pair

Dimension of protect shell: L160*W90*H35mm

Detector quantity: 4 detectors

Detector spacing: 90mm

Maximumdetecting distance: 450mm

Connector model: SM2.54 4P; SM2.54 2P

Working voltage: 12V~24V

Working current: 100mA

Power consumption: 1.2W

Lighting power consumption: 2.4W

Reaction time: Less than 500ms

Working temperature: -25℃ ~ +65℃

Working humidity: 5% ~ 95%RH

Working life: 500,000 times

OEM: Customizing length and detector quantity of chip, dimension and color of shell

Certification: CE; FCC; RoHS

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