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What are the application scenarios of electric locks?

KERONG has a series of waterproof electric control locks, which are electric locks centrally controlled by the system circuit board. They are mainly used for centralized control and management of outdoor lockers. They have a keyless design and can be unlocked via Bluetooth/remote; compatible with various conventional controls Software, real-time monitoring of locking status; waterproof level reaches IP65, working temperature is -40 ℃ ~ 65 ℃. So what are its application areas? Here is an introduction to you

1. Usually used in lockers

Such products are mainly used in lockers, such as express lockers, parcel lockers, mobile phone charging lockers, vending machines and freezers. Waterproof electronic locks are mostly used in large outdoor lockers because of their waterproof and strong tensile strength. If it is equipped with an infrared strip, the occupancy of the locker can also be monitored in real time

2. Special cases

Bike lockers, scooter battery locks, charging stations and delivery robots, etc. Now we advocate green and environmentally friendly travel, and with a large number of cycling enthusiasts, in order to provide a safe haven for bicycles, bicycle lockers were born;

Electric scooters are very popular among the younger generation. They have been produced in large quantities in recent years, but the most important battery installation and charging will always have problems. At this time, an electronically controlled lock is needed to solve this problem. The solution is two. Sound custom scooter battery lock, scooter charging pile;

With the continuous update and iteration of the times, people's lives are becoming more and more intelligent. In order to save more manpower, robots are being developed all over the world. At the same time, under the influence of the epidemic, in order to create zero-contact, the delivery robot is officially launched. It is more like a mobile smart locker.

The above are the application fields of KERONG waterproof electronic locks. KERONG focuses on providing centralized control and management solutions in a series of sub-fields such as lockers. For more inquiries about waterproof electronic locks, please contact us, we are honored to serve you.

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