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Different RFID Locks used in locker

Smart lockers have become a popular storage method.

RFID locker lock

RFID smart lockers are a kind of new smart cabinets. They use inductive control system devices. When using RFID smart lockers, as long as the RFID electronic tag is close to the sensing area of the smart cabinet, the data is checked by the database.

After the use authorization is successfully authenticated, the host system automatically opens a box door for the user through network control, and displays the cabinet number and other information on the control screen.

After closing the door, the smart locker will enter a confidential state, and the door will only be opened automatically when the user puts the RFID electronic tag close to the induction area of the locker.

As a electronic locks manufacturer with 20 years experience, KERONG have developed different RFID locks.

The first kind of RFID locks are invisible without front panel, suit for wooden door or glass door.

The second kind of RFID locks with a small RFID reader design, suits for various materials door. There are different mini reader style available.

The third kind of RFID locks made of rear lock body and front panel, front panel can be used as a doorknob to pull the door open, we have different RFID front panels.

Last but not least, all the locks have different working modes available like public mode, private mode, etc, suit for both public occasion or private occasions. 

We also support customized locks, please feel free to contact us if you have request.

KERONG is waiting for your coming.

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