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Do we need smart lock?

Lock is everywhere in our life, on the drawer, cabinet, door, bike etc. On the market, we can see most is mechanical lock. We will take the key to open our door, our bike. But now there are many more smart ways for convenient. The locks can be open by card, password, fingerprint, Bluetooth, even by WIFI. That means we can open the lock without taking extra keys. The keys are easy to lose and forgotten in the home. So do you think it is a trend for smart locks to substitute the mechanical locks?

What kind of advantages of smart locks compared with mechanical locks?

First we know is convenience. Because we do not need to take the mechanical key in our pocket and goes everywhere and we do not know when it will lose. Then if the lock is smart lock, you just need to remember the password, fingerprint is also personal. If Bluetooth or WIFI lock, we can open the lock by APP, now everyone has phone.

Second is safety, mechanical lock is easy to jailbreak. Smart locks are hard because card, password and fingerprint is hard to do the same one, and the smart locks have alarm function, once the lock is trying to open for many time, the lock will alarm to remind owner and can not open for a certain time.

Third is management, if you wan to place one group of locker in one place like gym, there will be many mechanical keys to take. If by smart lock, only one manager password, manager finger, manager card can be used to manage. There are many other advantages which is not listed here.

So whether you aimed to own the smart lock? The smart lock is a trend in the future, not only these reason, but also because the technology is developing.

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