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Electric locks have a wide range of applications

Updated: May 13, 2022

The times are constantly advancing and developing. In order to meet the needs of the current rapid development, many things in our lives, large and small, are becoming more and more simplified, and at the same time, they are becoming more and more intelligent.

For example, in order to reduce labor costs and facilitate everyone's daily shopping needs, the vending machine developed There are also smart package lockers that are placed in order to reduce the time everyone usually spends purchasing food, and specially set up procurement, transportation and storage sites: food lockers and refrigerated fresh food lockers; and In order to solve the embarrassment of running out of mobile phone power when going out, or when it is inconvenient to carry, a mobile phone charging locker is specially set up.

Therefore, KERONG electric locks come into existence.

It is a hidden installation, which can free up more storage space,And it solves the problem of needing to carry a key with you, because the electronically controlled lock can be unlocked without a key. In the absence of control software, there are two unlocking methods: one is power-on unlocking, and the other is mechanical unlocking for emergency use; if appropriate control software is configured, multiple unlocking methods can be realized, one-time password (mobile phone verification code) unlock; swipe card to unlock; Bluetooth unlock, and even realize remote unlocking of mobile phones.

Electric locks are a combination of mechanical locks and smart locks.

Compared with traditional mechanical locks, electric locks are more widely used and even multi-functional. In addition to the above-mentioned fields that have been widely used, it can also be used in more application scenarios (bike sharing, umbrella sharing, scooter battery box), solve and advance the progress of the project.

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