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Electronic lock with innovative design

Express cabinets can be seen everywhere in daily life and and have become an inseparable part of daily shopping, storage, and self-service. Under the influence of this market environment, the use of electronic locks has become more and more common, and more and more manufacturers have integrated into the electronic lock industry.

Although the competition is getting bigger and bigger, there are many homogeneous products on the market and the functions are relatively simple, which makes it seem that although there are many types of products, they are actually relatively simple products of the same type.

As a manufacturer of electronic locks with 20 years of experience, KERONG has been committed to the research and innovation of electronic locks for these years. Under the joint efforts of our team, the current product range covers all aspects and can meet the needs of most customers, and we still maintain the design of new products every year to make our product range more perfect. 

There are not only simple and affordable electromagnet locks, low-power motor locks, and waterproof electronic locks for outdoor use. These products are widely used in express cabinets, lockers, vending machines, refrigerated cabinets, mailboxes, shared equipment, machines and other special equipments.

It is worth mentioning that we have made many innovations in functions. For example, the conventional lock only has one detection, which greatly reduces the safety of the product. At present, our newly designed product can increase the detection to three types, ensuring the real signal feedback of electronic locks, administrators can get more real feedback from the system in the background, reduce the risks and losses caused by the imprecision of detection, and also greatly enhance the user's good experience, which is particularly important in vending industry.  

In addition, we also have other products with different functions, with excellent guarantee for customers both in terms of functionality and safety. If you have demand of this kind of electronic locks, welcome to a in-depth communication and exchange with us, we will provide you with the best service and solution.

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