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How does express cabinet make money?

Updated: May 17, 2022

There are three main ways to make money in express cabinets:

basic income, advertising income, and private domain traffic

The basic income include four benefits:

1.Courier delivery revenue

The express cabinet charges the Courier "handling fee". The Courier puts the express in the express cabinet, which requires a handling fee, and will decide the charging standard according to the size of the express cabinet.

2.User send parcels

Just like the express point, the smart express cabinet can also be used to send express goods. Choosing to send express goods in the express cabinet eliminates the trouble of filling in paper forms. You can fill in electronic forms online through APP or website, which is convenient and fast.

3.User timeout fee

The express in the express cabinet, take out in time within the specified time limit, is free, but after a certain time, it will need to charge a certain express temporary storage fee, some express cabinets are limited in 24 hours, some express cabinets are limited in 36 hours.

4.User temporary storage

When users are not convenient to carry some items, they can be temporarily stored in the express cabinet, which is safe and convenient. Or store items for other family, friends, or neighbors in the same area when they are not at home, they can retrieve before they return home.

Advertising income

It was divided into screen advertising and cabinet outside appearance advertising revenue,Led light case advertisements.

Private domain traffic

Refers to the information obtained by users after paying attention to the official account of the cabinet screen after scanning the QR code, and posting some advertisements or community group purchases in the docking official account.

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