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How to improve the safety of glass showcases?

Glass showcases offer stylish, simple, multifunctional designs that are also easy to clean and maintain while effectively selling high-end jewelry and merchandise such as watches, clothing, shoes, sports memorabilia and more. Therefore glass showcases are very popular. But one of the issues to consider is how to improve the safety of the glass display case.

Choose a glass with higher security.

The principle of laminated glass is that it breaks into very small pieces and these pieces come together when broken. This is accomplished by sandwiching a laminated layer of adhesive material between two or more layers of glass.The glass used is of different thicknesses and a variety of laminated materials can be used.The thicker the glass, the more laminating material is used and the greater the force required to break it. This will greatly improve the security of the glass showcase. So choosing laminated glass is a good way to improve the safety of glass showcases.

Choose a high security smart electronic lock

Smart electronic locks are more secure than ordinary mechanical locks. They usually have multiple unlocking methods and all come with an alarm function. For example, the KERONG smart digital glass cabinet lock is a good choice. KERONG glass showcase lock can be unlocked by password, rfid. Of course KERONG supports customization, you can customize the way you want to unlock. It suit for single/double door glass cabinets. 10-digit keypad, 100,000,000 password combinations. With messy code protection and OTP unlocking way. This shows that the KERONG glass cabinet lock is secure enough not to be easily hacked. Various working modes available (public mode, private mode, limited public mode), suit for different applications. It is very important to choose a correct lock for your glass showcase.

Finally, using high quality glass and secure smart electronic locks can improve the security of glass showcase.

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