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Problems existing in the development of smart parcel cabinet and solutions

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The problems existing in the development of smart parcel cabinet are as follows:

1. High investment and maintenance costs

Although the use of smart parcel locker allows recipients to pick up goods more freely, the delivery efficiency of couriers is greatly improved. But there are a lot of costs in the whole operation process. For example, the construction cost, site selection cost, operation cost, publicity cost and maintenance cost. First of all, in the process of building the express cabinet, choose what kind of brand of express cabinet is the key, not which kind of cheap cabinet to choose which, to choose cost-effective, after-sales protection of the brand. Otherwise, the damage and maintenance of the late express cabinet will be a great expenditure. The second is the cost of site selection, such as which community you want to put delivery boxes in, and whether you can reach an agreement with the community, all of which need to go to the field research, and cost human and material resources. There are fixed facility costs, including box, host, box monitoring and so on. In the process of operation, it also includes the cost of sending SMS messages to users, the cost of network, and the electricity required by the box operation. Maintenance costs include the repair and maintenance of the cabinet.

2. Bad user experience

Most people are happy to use the smart parcel locker at the beginning, because it does bring convenience to users, but as the smart parcel locker gradually exposes various problems, the user's sense of experience drops sharply, resulting in the loss of the smart parcel locker. many users.

The main problems are: equipment maintenance is not timely. For example, when a user goes to pick up the courier, he finds that the device has a blank screen without any display, resulting in the inability to pick up the courier. No one answered the manual service call, it was not responded until the next day, and the problem of the white screen was not repaired after a few days, which reflected that the service of the smart parcel locker is still somewhat lag.

Storage space design is unreasonable. smart parcel lockers are limited in size and cannot store some larger packages. Storage cabinets have limited capacity. The demand cannot be met. For example, during the Sales promotion period, there are many parcels, and the express cabinet must not be able to fit, so there will be a phenomenon of random accumulation. There's also the question of liability. If the shipment is damaged or lost, who is responsible for this? In the process of using the smart parcel locker, the user and the courier are only contacted through the Internet platform and do not need to meet in the whole process. Therefore, once there are some delivery problems, such as misplacement of express, loss of express, or damage to express, it is difficult to investigate who is responsible, and the rights and responsibilities are not clear, which leads to troublesome things, and users' experience of the smart parcel locker is also affected decline.

Solutions for the development of smart parcel cabinets:

1. Optimize the design of express cabinets

Increase the capital investment in the design and upgrade of express cabinets. When designing express cabinets, we must first conduct some market research and user surveys to understand what the public really needs, and to design express cabinets that can improve people's receiving efficiency and are truly practical. Make the most of limited space. Accelerate the development of storage cabinets that can be used in a variety of different categories of products. Such as seafood, takeaways, flowers and other items that require special storage; in terms of billing, a variety of payment channels are adopted to support mobile mobile payment, cash on delivery and other functions.

2. Clarify the positioning of the business model

The smart parcel cabinet is the product of the combination of software and hardware. The cabinet is the basic composition of hardware. The software includes WeChat applet, official account and mobile APP. However, the existing enterprises have not fully developed and utilized the software. How to increase the added value of the smart parcel cabinet and the transformation and upgrading of the business model has become the focus of the future development of the smart parcel cabinet. You can try to carry out strategic cooperation with interconnected companies such as other express delivery companies and e-commerce companies, and continue to expand other service areas. smart parcel lockers are mainly distributed in communities and office buildings, which can vigorously carry out community services, develop functions such as payment, recharge, and inquiry that are closely related to users' lives, and make full use of the physical functions of offline smart parcel lockers to become a convenient life service star. product.

3. Carry out cost control measures

The cost control of smart parcel cabinets cannot simply stay within the enterprise. It is necessary to combine the strategic goals of the enterprise and pay attention to the changes in the external environment of the enterprise to build a strategic cost management system. Fengchao smart parcel cabinet can change the current direct sales model to a franchisee model, and hand over the production, assembly, transportation and other operations of smart parcel cabinets that do not involve customer-level operations to franchisees, and the company will focus on providing product design, venue selection. Address, platform services and other customer-oriented operation fields, give full play to the advantages and characteristics of intelligent express cabinet enterprises, and transfer unnecessary costs to franchisees. Express services are spread all over the country, so choosing the location of smart parcel cabinets reasonably can not only reduce the cost of enterprises, but also reduce unnecessary expenses caused by unreasonable distribution of express cabinets, but also improve the utilization efficiency of intelligent express cabinets.

4. Improve the service quality of express cabinet equipment maintenance

Since the express cabinet provides services for users 24 hours a day, it is recommended that the working hours of the professional customer service team should also match it. It is necessary to establish a multi-channel professional customer service team through WeChat, telephone, customer service robots, etc., to accept user complaints 24 hours a day, and carefully solve common problems. For example, if the express cabinet breaks down at 10 pm, after citizens report the problem through WeChat or phone, they can reply to common problems through intelligent systems such as small robots. At the same time, the terminal equipment needs to be regularly maintained by special personnel to ensure the normal and orderly operation of the equipment to the greatest extent.

5. Fully upgrade the express cabinet function

Convenient, safe and high-quality services are the main demands of consumers for future terminal distribution. With the continuous growth of China's express delivery business and the rapid development of China, who can stand out in the new round of fierce competition in the future depends on who has lower costs and better user experience. The collection service in the future will also develop towards a more professional, richer service content and a more advanced business model. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively upgrade the speed, capacity, appearance, space utilization and other intelligent functions of large-scale self-pickup cabinets, and provide diversified express storage, temporary storage of items, and mailing for all users in need. services, and continuously improve the ability of intelligent distribution at the end of logistics, thereby promoting the efficiency of the entire logistics industry.

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