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Urban Shared Scooter Solutions

Does it have shared scooters in your city?

Do you know how to manage the shared scooters?

Can you imagine a use for a shared scooter combined with the electronic lock?

Let me tell you!

The electronic lock can lock the shared scooter in the parking pile. Our lock can not only detect whether the lock hook of the scooter is correctly hooked, but also detect whether the scooter is really hooked, because our lock has a door magnetic detection function. The feature also prevents people from using the shared scooter maliciously or taking it for themselves.Our electronic locks also have four signal modes to choose from. If the lock in signal mode is used, the lock will not be opened immediately after the parking pile is powered back on after power failure, so that the scooter will not be suddenly unlocked without people.

With the use of our lock and control board, customers can also make their own app. Users of scooters can also use scooters by scanning the Qr code, and check the battery and riding time of scooters on the APP. The App also calculates how long the user has been using the scooter, and can calculate the use fee based on the time spent using the scooter.

The electronic lock can also be used to lock the scooter's battery and is mounted on the cover of the battery case. If you are worried about the lock being shaken open while riding a scooter, we also have shockproof locks that won't be blown open on rough roads.

Therefore, electronic lock is still very practical and common for scooter sharing or bike sharing applications. If you also want to develop this project, we have enough experience and professional R & D team to help you.

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