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What is a Parcel Locker?

More and more consumers are shopping online for everything from home furnishings and decorative items to clothing and groceries. To meet demand and customer preferences, the postal as well as logistics industries such as couriers have turned to electric or automated parcel lockers.

Electronic parcel lockers provide secure, convenient, contactless parcel delivery and pickup options for apartment buildings, retail store occupants and customers in industrial parks. Depending on the parcel locker service used, developers and property managers can customize the lockers to fit the style and aesthetics of the community.

How do parcel lockers work?

Traditional and electronic parcel lockers work in similar ways, but they show some key user differences. Regardless of the type of locker being discussed, the process follows three basic steps.

1. Delivery

Postal employees or other package delivery personnel will use a unique master code or key provided by the property manager to unlock the compartment. Next, they will place the package in the package locker. The delivery mail carrier will then select the recipient.

2. Notification

The electronic parcel locker service will send an automated notification to the recipient via email, text or app. The notification will contain a code that only they can use to open the parcel locker and retrieve the package.

On the other hand, if a mailer delivers to a traditional parcel locker, they will leave a numbered key in the recipient's designated mailbox. This number will be matched to the locker where the package is stored so the recipient can find their package.

3. Collection

After receiving the access code or collecting the key from their unit, the recipient will search for the parcel locker. If the package locker is electronic and allows mobile access, they can enter a PIN or scan the barcode on their phone to open the locker. Otherwise, they will use the key to unlock the device and retrieve the package.

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