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What is a Rotary Latch?

The rotary latch is composed of a locking mechanism, an actuator and a cable. Bolts are usually installed on the opposite part of the mating locking mechanism. When activated, the cam or rotor of the rotary latch will turn or rotate. It has a spring-loaded mechanism that enables a push-to-close function, similar to a slam latch.

electronic rotary latch

Rotary latches are made of iron material and galvanized, and are usually used for doors and panels of heavy equipment.Its durable structure is very suitable for extreme environments. Simple operating functions and flexible drive options make it easy to adapt to multiple installations.

A unique feature of the Rotary Latch is its remote drive. A cable connects the actuator to the locking mechanism. This makes it possible to keep the actuator at a distance from the rotary latch. Pulling on the actuator rotates the rotor, which releases the latch. The actuator is pulled in one direction only. A mechanism with a spring is therefore required to return the rotor to its position.

Rotary locks are available with a single or double rotor. The single rotor rotary latch provides the basic function of keeping the door closed. Double rotor rotary latch have two adjacent mirrored single rotors. They are more rigid because of the two rotor fixing bolts. The double rotor types have a wider catch opening than the single rotor types. Therefore they are more tolerant of misalignment.

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