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What to do if your smart lock battery dies ?

Smart locks are modern and helpful but above all they’re extremely convenient. We all know the advantages of smart locks. No need to carry around a mechanical key. You can control the lock via Bluetooth, APP, Wi-Fi or any other methods. But all these aggravate the power consumption of the smart lock. What if the battery of the smart lock is depleted?

Many smart locks will have a USB port for emergency external power supply. If this is the case, then you can power your smart lock through this USB port.

Some smart locks also support external battery boxes to power them, so you can also power your smart lock directly from the battery box.

In addition, there are some smart locks that will provide an emergency solution like a USB emergency key. In this case, you can unlock the lock directly via this "key".

Most of the smart locks should have low voltage alarm function. When the voltage reaches a critical value it will trigger a low voltage alarm to remind the user to replace the battery or charge it. So we have to replace the battery or charge it immediately when the lock sends out a low voltage alarm, so as to avoid the dilemma of running out of battery and not being able to unlock it.

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