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Will people still need no-contact services after the epidemic?

As a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, we are staying at home. 

Naturally, if go out,we are tacitly keeping a distance of more than two meters from each other and trying to avoid all unnecessary contact. But as life goes on, so does consumption, and "contactless" consumption is suddenly the way to go. 

1.Delivery boxes are more popular

Online shopping has become a priority during the pandemic, and with that comes the problem of delivery. More and more people choose to use the express cabinet to receive goods contactless.

This opens up more opportunities for us as KERONG is a company with many years of experience in manufacturing delivery parcel locks and lock control boards.

2.Folk wisdom can do anything 

In various trending searches and news reports, we also see people using different tactics to avoid direct contact with others. 

There is this steamed bread shop, the way of sliding down the slide, the steamed bread done to the customer. 

There's more to the no-frills "contactless" merchant service than there is to the method. 

3.Big platforms have great wisdom 

The corporate dining scene could not be ignored, so the isolation cover was born. Even at a table to eat, also not afraid of soup mixed with saliva splashing around. (It may seem funny, but physical isolation really works.) 

Starbucks and KFC place orders online and pick up food without touching offline; Many companies even use robots to deliver goods.

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