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How do we improve the rust resistance of our smart cabinet lock, locker lock?

In recent years, more and more customers put smart cabinets in gyms, swimming pools, water parks, outdoor locations containing high humidity and moisture. Some even have corrosive gases. In this case, you may encounter that all parts are susceptible to rust, including the locks.

So we're going to explain in detail how we deal with that

1.Maybe you are familiar with this lock, but it rarely appears in our products. Why?

Because ordinary iron material is used in it, the cost of electroplating is very low for such black surface treatment. Once the electroplating coating is damaged or in the place of wet, it will rust very seriously.

2.Our lock (first version):

We use Low carbon steel+three layers surface treatment(copper, nickel & chrome) +Enhanced powder metallurgy + casting, Which was Not easy to rust and corrode, It can pass 48-hour salt & spray test

3.Our lock (second version):.

We use 430 stainless steel, the material itself is not prone to rust. In addition, we also use brushed surface treatment to make it more wear-resistant and not easy to scratch. It can pass 72-hour salt & spray test

4.Our lock ( third version):

We use 304 stainless steel, It's almost impossible to rust. It can pass 96-hour salt & spray test

If you are experiencing the high maintenance and high after-sales cost brought by electronic lock rust, welcome to contact us!

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