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Metal Cabinet Embedded Electronic Lock

good news! We recently developed a new electronic cam lock, model KR-E118!

It also has three unlocking methods: password, fingerprint and emergency mechanical key. The password keys are made of membrane keys, which have neither the uncomfortable touch feeling and dust accumulation of previous mechanical pressing, nor the defects of lack of touch and failure of touch keys.

Fingerprint and password unlocking requires AAA*2 battery power. In the case of no power, you can use the emergency key to unlock, and then replace with a new battery.

Embedded installation, the thickness is about 2.4mm, suitable for metal cabinets and steel cabinets.

In addition to the above advantages, the new generation of electronic cam locks also have management functions, which can set management passwords and user passwords, and fingerprint unlocking is also applicable.

More on managing indoor lockers...

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