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Smart Locker Lock Without Key

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Smart cabinet lock solves the trouble of carrying keys with you.

Password lock, the password is protected by garbled characters (to prevent others from peeping at the password), but the password is easy to forget;

Fingerprint lock, don't be afraid of forgetting the password, but it cannot be recognized when the fingerprint is damaged;

Bluetooth lock, remote unlock, higher safety factor, but need mobile phone and special APP to unlock;

RFID cabinet lock, a complete set of RFID control system, can unlock more functions.

There is no best smart cabinet lock, only the most suitable one.

This issue mainly explains RFID cabinet locks:

A complete RFID system consists of two parts: Reader and Transponder. The principle of action is that Reader transmits infinite radio wave energy of a specific frequency to Transponder, which is used to drive Transponder circuit to send out the internal ID Code. At this time, Reader will receive the ID. Code.

RFID locks have excellent management functions for lockers. One lock can be configured with up to 10 management cards + 10 deletion cards + 30 user cards (if you need to increase the number, support customization)

The reading distance of the regular square white card is 40mm, and the reading distance of the hand strap card is 15mm, so you need to pay attention to the thickness of the door panel when choosing the card style

The handheld can be configured with cards with different functions: management card, query card, delete card (all users), delete card (single user), lock hook alarm enable/disable card and mode switch card and so on.

You can also set up a double key, the management card and the user card can be used together to open the lock to increase the safety factor, the RFID lock can be connected in series, and the main lock can be set. When the main lock is opened, other secondary locks connected in series will also be opened.

RFID tags of low frequency, high frequency and ultra-high frequency are generally not suitable for metal lockers, because the metal shields the tags, and the reader cannot read the tags, so it is mainly used in wooden lockers and drawers.

For more information on smart locker solutions, please contact us.

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