Provide solutions for parcel lockers

From design to installation, we partner with our customers in many industries. Dedicated to three quality control and customer service, our experimental staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure a full solution.


Smart Cabinet Lock

Technology is integrated into the life

Various working modes available (public mode, private mode, etc), suit for different application. ​ Four unlocking methods: password / RFID / fingerprint / Bluetooth

APP--Bluetooth unlock

BLUETOOTH UNLOCK BY MOBILE PHONE – You just need do download an Android/iOS APP, then you can easily lock or unlock your drawers and cabinets via Bluetooth. So you can open or close your cabinets even if you are not near to them.

Electronic Rotary Latch

Kerong combines proven mechanical lock structure and electronic drive features to make solutions for centralized control cabinets.

latch lock.png

Provide more choices for different usage scenarios

Kerong has developed electromagnet series, motor series, waterproof series, and automatic unlocking for different customer use scenarios.

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