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Another Boom After Express Cabinets---Fresh Food Cabinets

During the COVID-19, contactless distribution developed well, which not only greatly reduced the risk of contact infection, but also improved work efficiency, which will also become a future development trend.

For safety reasons, as early as a long time ago, some office buildings have required delivery personnel to hand over to the orderer without entering the building, and similar reminders that "takeaway and courier personnel are not allowed to enter" are used in residential quarters, and then special express delivery points have been set up in the community and office buildings. However, the single storage place is limited by the area, and it is placed in disorder. It is time-consuming to find and easy to lose, and the fundamental problem still cannot be solved.

At this time, merchants seized the opportunity to add services to contactless distribution: in cooperation with self-service distribution cabinets, distributors put fresh food in storage and customers picked it up, this makes up for the shortage of ordinary express cabinets that cannot be kept fresh.

In this way, it is more convenient for customers to pick up the goods, and the merchants do not have to be too limited by the delivery time. On the basis of ordinary goods, even food and vegetables can be centrally stored and picked up by self-service. Standardize the system and carry out standardized management, so that the quality of distribution services will be higher.

The non-contact distribution under the COVID-19 situation ensures the health of customers, and at the same time makes the distribution more standardized, which greatly improves the work efficiency, and will naturally be welcomed by everyone. For a long time in the future, it is still necessary to do every detail of contactless distribution and keep up with the development trend. The fresh food distribution industry is highly competitive, and only by keeping up with the development trend can the competitiveness be improved.

Take-out storage cabinets are one-time use and long-term use, making them the first choice for property management companies. The door is no longer cluttered, and it is restored to the previous clean and tidy; the gathering during pick-up has disappeared along with the scan code access of the takeaway cabinet. There is no need to delay.

In terms of security, user privacy is well protected. Especially for single people, the elderly have no worries, no contact, no door-to-door, and pick up meals by code. This handover method that conforms to the living habits of the younger generation is affirmed. The service of fresh cabinets will extend from the core business area to the residential area, connecting work and life.

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