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Are you worried about your phone running out of battery?

Are you still bothered by the sudden death of your cell phone battery in the street?

Do you still carry around heavy power packs every day?

Don't worry, because there will be a lot of sterilized charging lockers for mobile phones. Because of the epidemic, has not been eradicated, now more and more disinfection lockers appear in our lives. Hand disinfection charging lockers, he tablet disinfection charging locker and so on, more and more customers use our lock on such lockers. Application Scenario on the Shopping malls, supermarkets and other places with a large number of people.

Applied to the electronic locker lock with our control board and infrared sensor used together can also know which one locker is a mobile phone is charging, if need to charge feedback function, customers can also making such functions on their own software, so can see whether mobile phone at any time on software are charging.

Both magnetic-driven locks and motor-driven locks can be used on such lockers, and smart cabinet locks can be used on such lockers. Smart cabinet lock has RFID card, fingerprint, password, and Bluetooth function unlocking mode, there are a variety of combination unlocking mode, customers can use the locker according to their favorite way.

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