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Cell Phone Charging Lockers--Save Your Cell Phone

cell phone charging locker

In the age of the Internet, people's daily life has been inseparable from the cell phone, the most worried about going out is that the cell phone is not charged. Cell phone charging locker can solve this problem. It can not only help us deposit cell phones can also help us charge, suitable for schools, enterprises, shopping centers and other places, convenient cell phone centralized management.

Cell phone charging locker support Apple, Android cell phone USB fast charging, the most commonly used barcode type, fingerprint type and swipe card type, barcode type cell phone charging locker is suitable for placing in the station, dock, entertainment places with large traffic flow, expire after using once, no need for dedicated management; barcode type fingerprint type is suitable for units, banks with strong confidentiality, can be set for single use or long-term use; swipe card type charging locker for colleges, factories use, convenient cell phone centralized management.

Cell phone charging cabinet product features.

1, the door and the overall material is usually made of 0.8mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, surface electrostatic powder spraying treatment, moisture-proof, rust-proof, anti-static.

2, cell phone charging cabinet has a separate system control, the administrator can enter the background to authorize and change;

3、The way to open the box can choose IC/ID card, fingerprint, password, barcode, etc., safe and reliable.

4, no consumables, labor costs, green and environmental protection.

And what kind of lock is used in the cell phone charging lockers?

You can use smart locker locks on your cell phone charging cabinet, such as RFID locker locks and combination locker locks, etc. You can also use electric control locks for centralized management control of cell phone charging lockers. No matter what kind of lock you choose, KERONG can provide you with the best locker solution. For smart locker locks, we have Bluetooth locker locks, card locker locks, password locker locks, fingerprint locker locks, etc. For electric control locks, we have solenoid locks driven by electromagnets and motor locks driven by motors.

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