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What is A Bluetooth Lock ?

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Keys are so 20th century. Smart locks offer security and flexibility, allowing you to control access to your home using your phone. Smart locks are connected with different communication protocols. Usually there are these three: Bluetooth, WiFi and z-wave, all three of them are wireless communication protocols. Next we will focus on the Bluetooth lock.

Bluetooth, a wireless communication technology standard used to allow fixed and mobile devices to exchange information over short distances to form personal local area networks. It uses short-wave UHF radio waves to communicate via the ISM frequency band between 2.4 and 2.485 GHz.

Bluetooth works by sandwiching data between dozens of short-wavelength UHF (ultra-high frequency) channels using radios that hop the frequency spectrum.

The Bluetooth lock can be connected directly to your mobile phone or tablet. You don't need any type of central device to act as a translator as the phone will actually speak the Bluetooth language, meaning you can communicate with it without the need for any type of interface. It's convenient if your smart home wishes end with a lock, but the hub grants you the ability to control multiple connected devices from a single app, which is more convenient than dividing your home control into various device-specific apps.

One disadvantage of the Bluetooth lock is its range, which is usually limited to 150 feet or less, so you must need to be in close proximity to the door in order to unlock it. Controlling your locks is enough when you're at home, but go too far and you'll lose contact. Other than that, it's very efficient and requires little maintenance.

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