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How do I make my filing cabinet more secure ?

High Secure Filing Cabinet Lock
Keep your filing cabinet more secure

Filing cabinets play an important role in businesses, government, and schools where they cannot be ignored. Filing cabinets usually store employee and customer documents, contracts, insurance information and other important documents of a business to ensure their safety.Only if the file cabinet is secured, then the documents inside are also secured.But how to make your filing cabinet more secure?

The first and most important thing is to find a lock with high security

When you choose an ordinary lock that does not have a high level of security, then your file cabinet can be opened by an intruder at any time to stole the important documents inside.If you don't find the right lock, I have some great lock recommendations for you.

KERONG provides the electronic smart filing cabinet locks.And KERONG filing cabinet locks have various working modes(public mode, private mode and limited public mode),and different unlocking ways(password,code,fingerprint).4~10 digit passwords with random setting for unlocking.Random order password function and OTP unlocking way keep high safety.

Keep your filing cabinets in Secure Areas

It never hurts to double the protection of the valuable documents inside your office cabinets. So, for example, in addition to using better locks to improve security, you might also consider storing cabinets in certain areas of your office building that require special access to get in. By keeping important documents in locked cabinets behind locked doors, you can increase security twice as much.

Securing offices with access control

Access control systems are integrated security systems that restrict and track access to a building or building area. They unify the facility's locked entry points and simplify security and provide keyless credentials. Using unique entry codes, proximity readers or biometric scanners, authorized employees and guests can easily access the spaces they need to get their work done.

At the same time, the access control system provides a higher level of security for the office. Doors automatically lock, access is logged, and entry can be blocked for a set amount of time or days.

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