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Install a Bluetooth lock for your drawers

Do you have such troubles: your desk is not equipped with drawer locks, some daily valuables dare not put in the drawer; share a room with others, drawers and closets can not be locked, how to save personal privacy items. Well, how about installing a Bluetooth lock for your drawers.

Why Bluetooth drawer lock and not other smart locks?

Because Bluetooth locks have more advantages over other smart locks such as combination locks and card locks. Of course, this does not mean that other smart locks are not good, they also have their own advantages.

Let's see what are the advantages of smart Bluetooth drawer lock.

  • Keyless access control

Like other smart drawer locks, the Smart Bluetooth drawer lock is keyless. This eliminates a host of worries associated with mechanical key locks (lost or stolen keys, etc.).

  • Remote wireless access control

When a smartphone is detected at a certain distance from the drawer, it may be automatically unlocked. Likewise, even if you're not in the office or at home, you can lock an unlocked drawer with remote access control via the Bluetooth app on your phone.

Some Bluetooth Smart Locks also allow you to send a digital key to others from a remote location with your phone for maximum access convenience.

  • Check the status of the drawer at any time

For those who are always worried about unlocked drawers, whether on the road or at work, you can check the drawer locking status anytime and anywhere by using the mobile app. You can also check the unlocking records including the number of unlocking, unlocking time, unlocking ID, etc.

So, are you ready to install a Bluetooth lock for your drawers?

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