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Messy Code Unlock and One Time Password Features Make your Locker Secure

Ordinary mechanical locks have gradually been replaced by smart electronic locks and with them comes the era of smart locks.

The digital keypad lock must be one of the more popular types of smart locks. The advantages of the keypad lock are obvious. The keypad lock system uses a digitally entered code that allows users to use a confidential PIN code to gain access through a locked door. This eliminates the risk of keys being lost, stolen or forgotten. And the cost of a lost or stolen key is not limited to replacing the key - it can also mean charging an expensive locksmith fee to replace the lock itself.

At the same time, the digital keypad locks also have defects like password theft, forget the password, etc. However, KERONG's digital keypad lock can reduce this problems. Because they come with messy unlock and one-time password unlock code features.

  • OTP (One Time Password)

A one-time password (OTP) system provides a mechanism to log in to a network or service with a unique password that can only be used once. So when you forget both users password and manager password, we can provide you with a string of codes for emergency unlocking (which can only be used once). But if you just forget the user password, then you can use the manager password to unlock and reset the user password.

  • Messy code unlock

When you open the keypad lock on a locker in a public place, do you enter the code very carefully to prevent the code from prying eyes. KERONG numeric keypad locks help you to solve this problem. Because they have a messy code unlock feature to protect your privacy. Privacy protection : Add the random numbers before and after the correct password,as long as the password contains continuous correct password, the cabinet will be unlock. It supports 6 correct password numbers and 8 random numbers. You can freely and easily enter the password to open the cabinet even if there are strangers beside you.

With these tow features, KERONG digital keypad locks can make your locker more secure.

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