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Smart Delivery Locker Solution

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Did you use parcel locker to store your package? We have customers from everywhere in the world, they are looking for the locker solution. Also below are the trend we find by google trends.

Over the passed 2 years, the related search is growing steadily in USA, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Vietnam, etc many countries. The popularity of searching of key words about the parcel locker solution are always on the top and growing. And the past two years, the Covid is in serious time, then the touchless delivery get more important and parcel locker is one part of touchless delivery. So the Covid is a significant element for the parcel locker is developing rapidly.

And the traditional local posting company and online retailer also start to cooperate and develop locker business, it will be more convenient for both post people and end user. Users can choose to put their package on front of the door or parcel locker in front the door, in the community, in the store etc. Can you find the lockers besides you? Like Amazon, they also started the parcel locker business because from lower shipping costs to a better customer experience, parcel lockers can offer big benefits for retailers.

This solution is a convenient and easy click-and-collect delivery solution. As soon as an order is delivered and placed into a parcel locker, the customer receives a notification by email or message with a one-time password or QR code. The customer then goes to the parcel locker station and enters or scans the code. The parcel locker door opens and the customer retrieves the order. Do you like this solution for your own parcel?

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