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What Are Solenoid Locks?

Solenoid locks also called electromagnetic locks. The terminal of a solenoid lock is actually a solenoid, which controls a simple mechanism for opening and closing the door. However, the action of the solenoid is through a series of command actions. When the occurrence can not be controlled, first measure the voltage transmitted to the electromagnet, while entering the switch door instructions (some for the electromagnetic card, some enter the password), to see if its voltage changes, such as changes, and the electromagnet does not move, the fault for the electromagnetic control part, should repair the electromagnetic control part or replace, otherwise the control part failure. Control part is more complex, it has two parts of hardware and software for control, some are also connected to the computer interface, personnel access query statistics, etc..

General control output voltage by the relay control output. First of all, see whether the relay has the sound of absorption, such as no, you can measure the voltage of the various parts of the relay control interface and driver parts are damaged, such as intact, you can further measure the working voltage of the relevant integrated circuit, reset port and clock oscillation part, such as no problem, generally for the software failure, which can only be contacted with the developer. If the relay has a suction sound, and the relay voltage is normal, then the relay contacts are damaged or sent to the electronic control part of the line break.

Solenoid lock, in the lock body are provided with a main latch, vice latch, solenoid coil and armature located under the solenoid coil; outside the lock body are provided with a transmitter and a receiving circuit to provide current for the solenoid coil; in the latch is located in the vice latch position is provided with a blocking device; its characteristics are: between the main latch and vice latch is provided with a linkage device, the movement between them by the drive rod drive, fixed in the armature will drive the rod up the toggle lever.

Solenoid locks applicable scenes can be used for lockers and toolboxes in institutions, office buildings, factories, schools, hospitals, etc. They are also suitable for intelligent communities. Intelligent pickup locker greatly improves the user's items storage, security and convenience. Solenoid locks can be used as intelligent cabinets, express cabinets, lockers, preservation cabinets, intelligent parcel cabinets, bathroom cabinets, intelligent self-take cabinets, factory cell phone storage cabinets, library storage cabinets, all walks of life are very suitable for use.

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