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Why Choose A Keypad Lock?

If you've ever been to a gym, then you've noticed that most gyms use keypad cabinet locks for their cabinets. Keypad lock is only one of the smart locks, there are many other types of smart locks. According to the different methods of unlocking smart locks can be divided into RFID locks, Bluetooth locks, fingerprint locks, combination locks, WiFi locks and so on. However, many people usually choose keypad locks over other smart locks.

Compared with other smart locks, why can the keypad lock win?

First, we can learn how the keypad lock works.

The user enters the numeric code via the keypad and if the correct code is entered, the cabinet door lock or latch should release. Some keypad locks have an integrated security feature that locks the door for a period of time (usually 10 to 15 minutes) after multiple incorrect attempts to enter the code.

Reasons for choosing a keypad lock


The keypad lock does not require a mechanical key and can be unlocked simply by entering a code. However, RFID locks do not require a mechanical key to open the lock, but any need to carry RFID cards, so that the RFID card becomes another type of key. The keypad lock achieves no need to carry any key.


Electronic keypad locks are every intruder's worst nightmare. They are nearly impossible to crack, and there is little chance that a potential intruder will guess the code to unlock your cabinet door. The keypad lock can be unlocked with a garbled code (entering a random code before and after the correct code), so that there is no fear of the correct code being leaked.


There are keypad locks that can be on the expensive side, but other smart locks like Bluetooth locks biometric locks can be more expensive. And keypad locks help you save the expense of making a locksmith to unlock the door due to lost keys.

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