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Smart lockers drive development trends in various fields

With the continuous development trend of new retail, e-commerce, and sharing economy models, the demand for the intelligent locker market continues to soar.

At present, smart lockers are mainly used in C-side transaction scenarios. From the perspective of the development trend of the application field, with the continuous improvement of the field of shared resource smart lockers, the application fields are also more colorful. In the future, attractions, subway stations and hotels will be visited. Scenarios such as restaurants and colleges have great prospects for development.

If there is still a situation where meals cannot be delivered upstairs in a residential area under the influence of the epidemic, a corresponding dining cabinet can be configured downstairs to prevent the takeaway from being stolen and ensure everyone's dining experience.

With the continuous development of Internet of Things technology and smart gates, the application of QR code access gates is in our field of vision all the time. It can be seen in offices, community gates and school gates.

In terms of requirements, in order to meet the requirements of different customers and scenarios, in the future, intelligent storage cabinets will gradually develop towards an intelligent, systematic and diversified perspective, gradually increase the threshold of

the field, increase market share, and promote the rapid development trend of the field.

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