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Bluetooth Control Board For Electric Locks

Before the advent of wifi, Bluetooth was the most used wireless connection function we had, and we often use Bluetooth headsets and other devices in our daily lives.

Advantages of the Bluetooth control panel

Remote mobile phone unlocking, convenient and fast

mobile internet era, APP mobile phone unlocking is smart control board to a very high level. Bluetooth unlocking method, put all the distance problem, the traditional control board can not solve the problem are easily solved.

The KR-BTCU, a Bluetooth control board, uses Bluetooth technology PowerClass2 for a maximum distance of 10 metres, which is the technology used by most mobile phones and mobile devices today.

The electric lock control board has an integrated BLE Bluetooth module. The mobile phone reads the control board Bluetooth information through the APP, tries to pair it and sends an unlock request to the server side, which sends an unlock command to the mobile phone, which accepts the command and then sends it to the Bluetooth control board via Bluetooth for energising and unlocking.

It can connect 24 electric locks for control, but cannot be connected in series like other traditional control boards.

Long standby time

The BLE Bluetooth module has a very low power consumption in all modes.

The addition of a low-power Bluetooth module to an existing conventional control board allows the unlocking and control of the electronic rotary latch via a smartphone, without the need for additional communication converters and connectors.

Adaptable, signal free

Smart products are susceptible to environmental influences, especially signal interference, shielding and the like, which can directly affect the experience. Although wifi and Bluetooth are in the same 2.4G band there will also be signal interference with each other, but the Bluetooth transmission speed is higher, unlocking experience will be better, and occupy less space.

Kerong has been immersed in Bluetooth technology development for many years, and has independently developed wireless network-based system technology for the linkage of intelligent devices through the Internet of Things, which can be applied to smart cabinet locks.

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