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What are the installation methods of smart cabinet locks?

There are three main ways to install smart cabinet locks:

Surface mounting:

Surface mounting refers to the installation of intelligent cabinet locks on the surface of the cabinet, which is suitable for places with low requirements on the cabinet structure. kerong's fingerprint cabinet lock KR-E110PC can be used for surface mounting.

Embedded installation:

Embedded installation means that the smart cabinet lock is embedded inside the cabinet, which requires a hole position on the cabinet and is more complicated to install, but can ensure the beauty and security of the cabinet. kerong's KR-51SF can be either surface mounted or embedded, so users can freely choose the installation method.

Hidden installation:

hidden installation is the cabinet installed inside the cabinet door, does not affect the beauty of the door, concealment, but also can effectively prevent being pried open, suitable for the cabinet aesthetics and security requirements of high places.

Different installation methods for different places and needs, users in the choice of intelligent cabinet lock, should be combined with the actual situation to choose the appropriate installation method to ensure the security and practicality of the cabinet lock.

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