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What is the difference between 125KHZ and 13.56MHZ smart cards?

Different frequencies

1、125KHZ: It belongs to the low frequency card. Its operating frequency range is 30kHz ~ 300kHz.

2、13.56MHZ: belongs to the high frequency card. Its operating frequency range is 3MHz ~ 30MHz.

The characteristics are different

1、125KHZ: The card chip generally adopts the ordinary CMOS process, which has the characteristics of power saving and cheap.

2、13.56MHZ: data transmission rate is faster than low frequency, and not very expensive.

Different advantages

1、125KHZ: The operating frequency is not bound by radio frequency control; it can penetrate water, organic tissues, wood, etc.; ideal for close range, low speed and low data volume requirement applications.

2、13.56MHZ: The wavelength of this frequency can pass through most materials except metal, but tends to reduce the reading distance. The tag needs to be more than 4mm away from the metal, and its anti-metal effect is better in several frequency bands.

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