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Express Cabinets--The Last Mile Delivery

As its name suggests, last mile delivery refers to the last leg of the delivery process. It involves the delivering of goods from a warehouse or port to the final destination.

Today, with the expansion of epidemics around the world, the last mile delivery is more effective, faster and more convenient than ever, and it can also better avoid human contact and bacterial infection. Therefore, more and more people choose to use express cabinets/lockers to receive last mile parcels.

When it comes to express cabinets/lockers, it consists of cabinets/lockers, locks, control boards system accessories, software, etc. We are proud to provide customers with a variety of last mile delivery solutions to meet various needs.

As we all know, express cabinets/lockers are divided into indoor and outdoor uses, corresponding to lock accessories, there are also waterproof versions and non-waterproof versions; for lock types, there are electromagnet type and motor type. Regardless of the type, we can provide a complete solution, such as electromagnetic locks, electronic motor locks, waterproof locks, non-waterproof locks, 304 stainless steel strong locks, high holding force locks and etc.

As for the control system, there are different type control boards to match with, no matter to control one lock, two locks at the same time, three locks at the same time, 16 locks or more locks, all are supported.

Besides the locks and control boards, there are also infrared sensors, LED detection status light to help to instruct the status of locks and lockers/cabinets to let the system know whether the locker/cabinet is empty or occupied.

Under such a solution, the last mile delivery is smart and efficient, and it can also solve the inconvenience caused by factors such as storage status and pickup time.

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