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New trend of parcel locker- Home parcel locker

Nowadays more and more people knows about the parcel locker in the community, shop, park etc, and more and more people start to use it. Are you familiar with it? And now convenience becomes a focused point in peoples life, then the home parcel locker occurred.

As we know that there is letter box in the front of our home, the messenger put the letter into the box through a gap, then the owner come back and open the box by mechanical key and take the letter out. The home parcel locker works similar with this way, the delivery people put the package in the locker, the owner come home and take the package out. What is the difference? The current solution is more intelligent, we can open the locker by card, password, fingerprint, even by phone keyless solution. And it can work with IOT, cloud, sever, the owner can know whether the package is put into the locker and when the package is delivered by the APP or message.

What kind of things can be delivered into this kind of locker? All kinds of packages which you purchased online, take-out food, vegetables, fresh food etc. If you need, you can make the locker to be refrigerated, then the fresh food, cold drinks can be delivered in that locker. Also you can make the locker to be different size, bigger size for big package, small size for small package.

And what if the benefit of it? No need to go away to take your package from the multiple parcel lockers because it is in the front of your home door. No need to concern when the package arrives but you are not at home. No need to concern that someone will take the package from your home door.

Do you have an idea to build this kind of locker for your own home? Please share it with us, we communicate it together.

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