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Smart cabinet lock with key

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Smart cabinet lock is a modern locking device, compared with the traditional cabinet lock, it has the characteristics of intelligence and convenience.

The use of smart cabinet locks is becoming more and more common, and the future development trend is very obvious.

With the continuous progress of technology, intelligent cabinet locks will be increasingly used in various fields, such as hotels, homes, offices, etc.

Although the smart cabinet lock is very convenient to unlock, we can not ignore the advantages of the traditional cabinet lock. In some cases, such as smart cabinet lock battery dead or malfunction, we need an emergency unlocking method.

Therefore, KERONG has developed a smart cabinet lock that can be unlocked by a key in an emergency.

This smart cabinet lock has both the function of fingerprint and password unlocking, as well as the function of emergency unlocking with a key in case of no power.

This smart cabinet lock combines the advantages of smart cabinet locks and traditional cabinet locks, making the smart cabinet lock more comprehensive and practical.

The convenience, practicality and security of the smart cabinet lock make it more and more attention and recognition in the market.

We believe that the future application of smart cabinet lock in the market will become more and more widespread, bringing more convenience and security to people's lives.

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