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Self-driving Delivery Vehicles

Self-driving delivery vehicles are becoming more and more popular and more common.

Through it, we can get takeaway more safely and conveniently, and the store can save staff and complete orders faster.

In addition to takeaway, we can also receive express packages through unmanned delivery vehicles.

Unmanned delivery vehicles can reduce human contact and strengthen epidemic protection.

We are believe that unmanned delivery vehicles will continue to bring us more surprises.

Many of our customers are completing the project of unmanned delivery vehicles, hoping to make their own efforts for epidemic prevention.

So what can Kerong do for unmanned delivery vehicles?

We have waterproof locks that can be used in outdoor environments, allowing unmanned delivery vehicles to work without fear of wind and rain;

Our infrared strips can tell merchants and customers: Has the unmanned delivery vehicle placed an item? and whether the item was taken?

Can also be used with our control panel.

We are doing our best to help our clients complete this meaningful project together.

Innovation changes lives!

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