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How to revalue your cabinet

As we all know, property safety is becoming a hot topic of concern. When you go out,travel, shop or others, taking care of your belongings is a priority. Therefore, storage cabinets are becoming more and more common in people's life. You can see storage cabinets in almost every public scene. However, the problem is that the storage cabinets are heavily occupied, which seriously reduces the utilization rate of the storage cabinets. How to solve this problem? Let me introduce you to our smart RFID lock -- unlock after a while,such as 2 hours,4 hours;8 hours...

Scene 1: Swimming, we know that when we swim, we have to keep our mobile phones, wallets, clothes and other things in the locker. Someone may only play for 2 hours, but they occupy the locker for 1 day, which leads to a very low use rate of the locker. If we set up lockers that can only be used for a certain period of time (e.g. 2 hours, 4 hours...) After that time, the lock automatically opens,so that tourists must plan their use time reasonably, thereby greatly improving the utilization rate of the lockers.

Scene 2: Supermarkets, supermarkets have traffic every day. When you shop, you need to store your parcels in the locker. If it happens to be the peak of the crowd, the customer does not take out the parcels in time, which means that a cabinet can only be used once a day. If we set the package storage time, it can be easily served to the next customer.

Are you interested in the above designs? Our lock can realize automatic unlocking function,through this function, the probability of the locker being occupied can be greatly reduced. If you are facing similar problems, please contact us, or you have other ideas, we will be happy to communicate with you.

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